"The only way to make it easier for you would be to build the

model and register it for you!"

Although you can pre-register for the convention in advance, you cannot pre-register your models. 


After you check-in (pre-registrants) or register for the first time at the convention, you’ll be required to complete your model registration forms and then register them to be entered into the contest.


For your convenience we have provided fillable PDF’s (below) so that you can complete your model registration forms now, and just bring the completed forms with you to the convention.



  • Complete the '2021 Multiple Model Registration' form.

Here you will list all the models you are entering in the contest.   If they are going to be used for ‘Display Only’ be sure to check off that box.

  • On each line you’ll list the ‘Category’ the model is going to be entered in.  

NOTE - Be sure to check the IPMS/USA ‘Contest Rules’ and ‘Contest Category’ to be sure you are placing your model in the right category.

  • Be sure to list your mobile phone number so we can contact you if need be.

  • When completed, save the form to your computer and print it.

NOTE - You may enter as many models as you like for the one registration fee.



  • Complete the ‘2021 Individual Model Registration’ form for each model.

  • On the top of the form you are to list the ‘Category’ the model is being entered into.

  • In the next box, you are list IPMS/USA Membership Number and then the Entry Number from the

Multiple Registration’ form you completed above.  For example:

12345-001  (Membership Number plus Entry Number)

You will do the same for each model you enter – 12345-002 , 12345-003, 12345-004, etc.

  • If you want your model to be considered for any of the Special Award Categories listed on the form, be

sure you check off the appropriate box. 

You’ll receive a color-coded label later to affix to this form.

  • Complete the rest of the form as described.

  • At the bottom of the form be sure to list your Mobile Phone Number.  In case your model has to be moved,

or if a judge has a question, they will call you.

If you DO NOT list a phone number, the judges will move your model for you without notice. 

  • When completed, save the form to your computer and print it.

After you complete each form be sure to save it to your computer before going on to the next one.  When finished print them, pack them and bring them with you.


Should you require any assistance in completing this process please contact us at:



Thank You