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"It's a Dry Heat!"

You may have heard that phrase before, and it's TRUE!  For those first-timers to Las Vegas you may find the blast of heat that punches you in the face as you exit the car or airport a little daunting at first, but compared to many previous convention locations you'll find the weather here actually very comfortable in comparison. 


Average Temperatures 

Temperatures in August range from 95 to 105 degrees with humidity in the single digits to low teens.  That is going to feel like 70 to 80 degrees to you east-coasters and gulf-coasters.   Stay out of the sun for long periods of time and you're going to feel great.    

Life in the Desert

Because of the high-heat and low humidity, you'll feel like you are not perspiring, but you are!  Be sure to drink a lot of water, even if you do not feel thirsty and never venture outdoors for long without a bottle of water. 


Las Vegas Dress-Code

The only dress-code in Las Vegas is that there is none!  Shorts, lite colored shirts and comfortable shoes are the way to go almost everywhere in town, including most restaurants.  For higher-end restaurants, we suggest long slacks, polo shirts and closed shoes.  Avoid dark clothes and thin-soled flip-flops as they tend to melt on the black-top pavement (along with your feet).

Rules of the Road

The roads out there are not for beginners thanks to the hordes of visitors and tourists just like you.  There is a lot to see and that means eyes are not always on the road.  Drive with caution.  Observe the speed signs as they can change often on the same road. 

  • Right Turn on Red Lights are permitted (unless posted and/or Turn Arrow is in use)

  • U-Turns are permitted at all intersections (unless otherwise posted).

  • Left tuns are permitted on a Red Light at some intersections with a flashing Amber Arrow.

  • Seat Belts must be buckled-up.  LV Metro Police will pull you over and issue a citation.

  • Hand-Held Celluar Devices - It is against the law to use a cell phone or other handheld devices while driving a motor vehicle.

Liquor Laws

The legal drinking age in Nevada is 21. Most bars remain open until 2 a.m., some 'social clubs' are open all night. 


Las Vegas is located on Interstate-15, 301 miles north of Phoenix Az., 270 miles east of Los Angeles Ca., 420 miles south-west of Salt Lake City, Ut.,


Las Vegas 8.25% sales tax for goods and services.

Avoid Well Done Meat

Las Vegas resides at an elevation of 2,000 feet and sits high atop in the Sierra Nevada Desert.  You'll find clear sunny skies almost 320 days a year so be sure to bring your sunscreen if you plan on spending any extended time outdoors or in the pool, otherwise you'll become a giant french fry! (Fire retardant suits are best, but they are awful uncomfortable.)