"Meet the team crazy enough to take this job on!"

Ever wonder what people crazy enough to take on a National Convention look-like?
Meet your 2021 National Convention Committee, all of whom are long-term members of IPMS Las Vegas Chapter and have been on the Executive Board of the annual Best of the West Model Show & Convention held in Las Vegas for past 25 years.
On behalf of the entire 2021 Team, we look forward to having you with us and we appreciate your help and support.

Event Chairman

Bob Lomassaro

Bob has been chapter President since 2015 and has been show chairman for the chapters annual Best of the West since 2016.  He comes with over 40 years experience in hosting model shows and events and has been an IPMS USA Member since 1980. 

Vendor Coordinator

Joe Porche

Joe has served as the chapter’s president and vice president for many years.  In addition to being vendor chairman for the 21’ Nats, he is also the IPMS Region Coordinator for Region-8 and has been an IPMS USA Member for over 30 years.  


Raffle Coordinator

Pete Bucher

Pete has served as vice president for IPMS Las Vegas since 2017 and has been raffle coordinator for our annual Best of the West show for over ten years. 

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Bob A.jpg

Registration Coordinator

Mike McCullough

 Mike has been the club Secretary of IPMS Las Vegas for over 15 years.  He has participated in the planning and preparation for every Best of the West Show and Contest during that time, heading up many aspects of the show. Mike has been an active IPMS USA member since 2004 including Chapter Contact. 

Registration Coordinator

Ron Odell

Ron has served as events registration chairman for the Best of the West for over eight years.  He has been chapter treasure for over 15 years and an IPMS USA member since 2004.

Contest Coordinator

Don Hayes

Don has been a chapter member for over 17 years and has served as both president and head judge for the Best of the West for many years.  He has been an IPMS/USA member for over 35 years.

Volunteer Coordinator

Kenny Guerrero

Ken has been IPMS member since 1983 and comes with 45 years of experience as a builder and hobby shop owner in Hawaii. He has had experience organizing numerous model shows and events over the years.

Convention treasurer

Rich Vallari

Rich is a licensed Nevada CPA and began modeling in 1972.  He is an avid model railroader as well as having a very diversified interest in building and collecting plastic kits.  

Media Coordinator

Bob Almaraz

Bob has been a chapter member since 2013 and Sgt at Arms since 2017 and has been an active participant in every Best of the West Model Show upon membership.  He performs public relations duties involving the local newspaper, media and Nellis AFB military installation. He has been an IPMS USA member since 2017.


Seminar  Coordinator

Bob Lomassaro