Trophy Sponsorship is now SOLD-OUT

Honored Sponsors & Supporters

The support we received for trophy sponsors was overwhelming and was very much appreciated. 
We sincerely thank everyone who sponsored a trophy.

But there is still work to be done and the costs of such a large convention in the 'Convention Capital of the World' is tremendous.   We can still use your help and support.

Event Sponsors would be very welcome and much appreciated.  For a $50 Event Sponsorship your name or organization will be posted below until the website is shut down in 2022, as well as
posted at the convention so everyone can see your generosity.  

Pay by Check via Mail or Pay by Credit Card and by Email 

For information please contact:
Bob Lomassaro at:

Thank You

Robert Hallack
Ron Bell
Max Afterburner Channel
Get Well Phil Hale
Primm Foundation
NADS & Hot Blonde
Findlay Chevrolet
Det. Anthony Russo, NYPD
Chapman Dodge
Matt Sherwood Memorial
Tunnel to Towers Foundation
Edger Emmerson & Family
Plastic Model Mojo Podcast
Robert Romano & Family


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Trophy Sponsors

We thank all those who generously supported the 21' Nationals by Sponsoring a Trophy Package.
Please click the image below for a full list of all sponsors.
Thank You